5. Diablo Steak of the Month

A Legendary Monthly Ritual For 2

Amazing should never be a one-shot deal. True greatness is in knowing how to sustain a good thing. The Fuego Diablo Steak of the Month Club delivers a different world-class steakhouse experience for two every month. It’s the perfect gift, it’s the perfect personal indulgence, it’s a ritual like no other. 

We’ll ship you a six-month supply of our finest cuts, and when you're getting low,  we’ll a second six-month supply. Feast on mouth-watering Ribeyes in January, classic Striploins in June or the king of steaks-our Porterhouse for 2-in November. It’s greatness on a monthly basis, at a fraction of what you’d spend at a steakhouse. 

There are a lot of “whatever” of the month clubs out there. There’s only one Diablo Steak Of The Month, and it’s at the top of the food chain.

Shipment #1 of 2

Month 1  2 - 18 oz Black Label Bone in Ribeye Steaks

Month 2  2 - 6 oz Gold Label Filet Mignon Steaks

Month 3  2 - 11 oz Black Label Boneless Striploin Steaks

Month 4  4 - 6 oz Black Label American Wagyu Burgers

Month 5  2 - 10 oz Gold Label Boneless Ribeye Steaks

Month 6  2 - 13 oz Black Label Bone in Striploin Steaks

Shipment # 2 of 2

Month 7  2 - 14 oz Gold Label Bone in Ribeye Steaks

Month 8  1 - 16 oz Gold Label Chateaubriand for Two

Month 9  1 - 50 oz Gold Label Tomahawk Steak for Two

Month 10  2 - 11 oz Gold Label Boneless Striploin Steaks

Month 11  1 - 36 oz Gold Label Porterhouse Steak for Two

Month 12  2 - 6 oz Black Label Filet Mignon Steaks  



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Label: Black Label

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