Japanese Wagyu Reserva - Ribeye
Japanese Wagyu Reserva - Ribeye - 164.97 Each from  $329.95 per pkg.
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Japanese Wagyu Reserva - Striploin
Japanese Wagyu Reserva - Striploin - 164.97 Each from  $329.95 per pkg.
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US Wagyu Reserva - Ribeye
US Wagyu Reserva - Ribeye - 104.99 Each from  $419.95 per pkg.
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US Wagyu Reserva - Strip Loin
US Wagyu Reserva - Strip Loin - 87.49 Each from  $349.95 per pkg.
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Japanese Wagyu American Wagyu

Our quest for the best Japanese Wagyu in the world led us to the premiere beef producing prefecture (province) in Japan. The Gunma Prefecture is a natural wonder, featuring rich soil and abundant water. Renowned for its ideal growing conditions, and only 100 km from Tokyo, Gunma prefecture has a reputation for supplying the finest fruits, vegetables and meats to Japan’s most exclusive restaurants and hotels.

And it is in Gunma prefecture that Joshu Wagyu beef has been produced for generations.

Nourished by the sweet, mineral rich water of the Tone River, the cattle are fed a rich, natural diet including hops, wheat and corn. Traditional Japanese feeding methods take up to four times longer than standard North American cattle production methods.

Each day, the animals are brushed and massaged with essential oils to encourage maximum blood flow and development of the exquisite marbling for which Joshu Wagyu is revered. For 30 months, their handlers tend to every need and every detail. It is even said that soothing classical music can often be heard playing through the fields and barns. The result is undeniable: brilliantly coloured meat with the purest of white fat – fat so delicate it melts in your mouth like fine chocolate. When we found Japan’s best, that is, Joshu Wagyu, we knew our search was over.

For our Diablo Reserva customers, we have secured only the best A-5 graded Joshu Wagyu Beef, the highest quality grade issued in Japan. The coveted A-5 grade represents the highest quality rating for marbling, colour, brightness and firmness of the meat, and quality of the fat, making it the ultimate prize, sought after by the world’s finest restaurants and chefs. So exceptional is the quality and rare the supply that only a small percentage of A-5 graded Wagyu beef ever leaves Japan.

Now the ultimate prize can be yours, exclusively from Fuego Diablo Reserva. Savour every ounce… and every moment of the world’s most premium beef.

To many, Premium American Wagyu represents the “best of both worlds”. It starts with breeding genetically pure Japanese Wagyu cattle, with the finest American Black Angus cattle. The result is the perfect balance between the ultra-rich pure Japanese Wagyu and the robust beefy flavour of the North American Black Angus cattle. For those with an appreciation for exquisite marbling, but a desire for a beefier flavour profile than that of pure Japanese Wagyu, our Reserva American Wagyu is the perfect choice.

Raised and ranched in the Northwestern US, our American Wagyu enjoys a temperate climate and an abundance of natural grass lands. We source only from one herd, which is widely regarded as the best American Wagyu in the world. The ranchers of this herd have adopted many aspects of the heritage-steeped Japanese feeding methods, which take up to four times longer than traditional North American cattle production methods. The result is stunningly exquisite beef that’s extremely tender, intensely flavorful, and a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

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