Japanese Wagyu Reserva - Ribeye

There are very few who were able to experience authentic Japanese Wagyu Ribeye at home. Until now.  Rated at the top of the Japanese Beef Marbling Scale - A-5, this is the stuff of legend.
More richly marbled than other cuts, nothing can touch our Reserva Japanese Wagyu Ribeye for flavor and tenderness. Meticulously selected, aged and trimmed to provide an experience second to none. This is the bucket list steak.  And you no longer need to go to one of the world’s finest steakhouses to indulge.
Note: Due to the size of these steaks, 8 and 12 oz steaks are produced by splitting a full size 16 and 24 oz steak respectively. These orders will contain both the head and tail of the ribeye. This is referred to as a California Cut.

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Label: Reserva

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