Japanese Wagyu Reserva - Striploin

This is what 30 months of painstaking work results in. This is what pure perfection tastes like. 100% A-5 graded Japanese Wagyu beef, densely marbled for extraordinary juiciness and texture. Our Japanese Joshu Wagyu Strip Loins feature a softer flavour with many subtle nuances that make enjoying one similar to tasting a fine wine. Sear it hot, cook it fast and enjoy the finest steak of your life. For even more enjoyment, share the experience with others. 

Note: Due to the size of these steaks, 8 and 12 oz steaks are produced by splitting a full size 16 and 24 oz steak respectively. These orders will contain both the head and tail of the striploin. This is referred to as a California Cut. 

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Label: Reserva

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