A Message from Our Founder


Thank you for your interest in Fuego Diablo, and for taking a moment to learn about its origin. To tell you about Fuego Diablo, I need to tell you a couple of things about myself.

For starters: I come from a humble background, but from an early age, I was taught that hard work, dedication, and respect form the foundation for success in life. I’ve been a corporate executive, and as an entrepreneur, I’ve established and built successful companies. 

I also love steak. I love the ritual of firing up the BBQ, and having a cold beer while its temperature climbs. I love the challenge of trying to make each steak that I grill better than the last. I love seeing the faces of friends trying my steak for the first time and hearing them proclaim they’ve never eaten anything better. To me, a premium quality steak stands alone as the undisputed king of dinner.

At its core, Fuego Diablo is about more than steak. It’s about moments: moments to acknowledge where you are and where you’ve come from; moments to celebrate the best of what life has to offer: family, friends, food, and drink; and moments to disconnect from that which does not matter, and to reconnect with all that does.

Fuego Diablo is for those who work hard, and love steak. If this is you, then give us a try. I promise: you won’t be disappointed.

Matthew MacQuarrie

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