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Where does your beef come from?

We’ve travelled to the ends of the earth to find the best beef on earth. Our Gold and Black Label Black Angus Beef is hand selected from some of the most highly regarded ranches in Texas, Colorado and Alberta. In our Reserva Label, we source our premium North American Wagyu from a world-class ranch in Idaho and our coveted A5 Japanese Wagyu from the legendary Gunma Prefecture in the heart of Japan. Going the extra mile for something is admirable. Going thousands of extra miles is downright legendary.


Why are your steaks expensive?

Premium commands a premium price. The quality grades of beef we sell are also more expensive for us to buy. But our prices are competitive with companies selling these same quality grades (most of these companies will be found in the United States).

When it comes to price, it’s always relative. Our steaks are expensive when compared to lesser quality steaks found in grocery stores, meat markets and butcher shops. But that’s a bit like comparing a Timex to a Rolex. The comparison should be "what would you pay at a premium steakhouse?". Our steaks are certified Prime Quality (the top 1-2% of all beef graded in Canada and the U.S.) in the case of our Black Label, and just below Prime Grade in the case of our Gold Label. The highest grades are in high demand and limited supply. And those are the economic ingredients for a higher price. We want our reputation to be about legendary taste, not lowest price.


What is the difference between Gold Label and Black Label?

Our Black Label contains only beef graded as USDA and Canadian Prime, the highest 1-2% of all beef produced in the United States and Canada. It contains the highest rated degree of marbling (intramuscular fat). Our Gold Label contains only beef graded as USDA Choice, Canadian AAA or better (just below Prime). It also contains an abundant amount of marbling. Whether you choose Gold or Black Label, your taste for the finer things will be satisfied like never before.


Are Fuego Diablo Steaks available at any retailers?

Presently we offer our products for purchase online or through our call centre only.


Can frozen beef taste as good as fresh?

Better! It’s one thing to perfectly age a steak. It’s another to preserve that perfection. Picture a flower in full bloom that lasts only a few days before it wilts. That’s the moment we painstakingly wait for. Then at the height of its flavour and tenderness, we individually vacuum pack and flash freeze each steak (using extreme cold) to lock in that perfection in all of its glory. As long as the thawing ritual instructions are followed, the fact that your beef has been frozen will be undetectable, and its flavor will be unbeatable.


What is flash freezing?

We’re men of meat, but we’re also men of science. Flash freezing is the process whereby objects are rapidly frozen by subjecting them to cryogenic temperatures. This extreme cold significantly accelerates the freezing process creating ice crystals that are much smaller and more uniform than those found in traditional freezing methods. Smaller, more ubiquitous ice crystals don’t cause damage to cell membranes in the same way as freezing food in a home freezer might. The result is quality that is indistinguishable from that of fresh beef. Are there easier freezing processes? Yes. Would we ever consider doing things halfway? Not a chance.


How long are steaks good in the freezer?

As long as they are kept at a steady freezing temperature, our steaks/roasts can last from eight to twelve months in the freezer. But let’s be honest, when you get your hands on Fuego Diablo beef, it’s not going to stay in the freezer for very long. The temptation is far too great.


Can I refreeze steaks after they have been delivered?

As long as a steak has not been defrosted completely, it can be placed in the freezer without any potential harm to flavor. After a cut has been completely defrosted, we do not recommend refreezing it. We recommend eating it. Trust us, fire the grill and feast. In the unlikely event that you were injured bullfighting or delayed in some other epic manner (because that’s the only way we can imagine thawing but not eating our steaks immediately), defrosted products can be kept in the refrigerator for up to seven days in their original packaging.


How long are the steaks aged?

Achieving the perfectly aged steak is an old-world art and one of the most important components of the perfect steak. The length of aging varies greatly depending on the breed of the animal, its environment and diet, and the temperature and humidity of the aging chamber. Our steaks typically age for four to six weeks. One thing is for sure, a luxury experience can't be rushed. As Fuego Diablo says: “you can taste haste.”


Are your steaks wet or dry aged?

Our steaks are wet aged. We feel this type of aging process produces the most tender and flavorful steak.


Is your beef grass fed?

Our beef is grass fed but not exclusively. Grains are also used to supplement the animal’s diet. The combination of these natural foods helps achieve a higher degree of marbling than that found in exclusively grass fed beef. To our knowledge, there is no certified grass fed prime quality grade beef commercially offered in Canada or the United States. If there was, we’d know about them and they’d definitely know about us.


Why do the steaks from my most recent order look slightly different than those from my last order?

It’s the nature of the beast. We make every effort to ensure that there is some consistency in the appearance of the steaks in an individual order. That is to say, if you order four strip loins, we do our best to make sure they are approximately the same thickness, and have a similar appearance. With that said, there is natural variation in all steaks depending on size and section of the primal cut from which it was portioned. Because of this, it is possible, for example, that one order of steaks is more narrow and thick, and another order of the same cut of steaks is more wide and thin, even if the ounce weight across both orders remains the same.


How do you ship your product?

We use FedEx and UPS as our shipping partners. We ship our product frozen, vacuum packed, boxed, and in a reusable Styrofoam cooler packed with dry ice. Our quality shipping process ensures that when you receive your Fuego Diablo steaks, they will live up to the legend. And our shipping partners promise their drivers will not eat your steaks.


Do I have to be home to sign for my delivery?

Although many would put their life on hold for a Fuego Diablo delivery, you don’t have to. If you’re not at home when delivery is attempted, drivers will typically leave your delivery at your door, assuming they feel it’s safe to do so. That being said, having your order delivered to an address where someone is able to receive it (such as a place of work) is always a good option. Since our products are perishable, it is a good idea to open your order and place your steaks in the fridge or freezer soon after receipt.


How can I track my delivery?

Once your purchase has been shipped, you will receive an email confirmation with a tracking number. You can track your package online by simply clicking on the tracking number provided in your shipping confirmation email.


Can you ship to everywhere in Canada?

The legend of Fuego Diablo reaches far and wide, having now shipped to every province and territory in Canada. From time to time, when shipping to remote locations, special arrangements have to be made that fall outside our standard shipping norms. If you have any concerns about shipping, please feel free to email us prior to placing your order.


My order was still cold but not frozen when I received it, what do I do?

We guarantee you will indulge in the finest beef and your order will arrive frozen (in most cases) or at a minimum partly frozen/cold to the touch. If any product has reached room temperature and is no longer cool to the touch, please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-844-434-2256.


What if my steaks are a brown color?

Steaks commonly have a deep brown color when the oxygen has been removed from the packaging (part of the vacuum packing process). But don't worry, once the product is thawed and the meat is re-exposed to air, your steaks will return to a red color. Think of it like letting a fine wine breathe before that wonderful first sip.


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