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Fuego Diablo offers a steak experience that surpasses most steakhouses, and it delivers it right to your doorstep. Of course, the process of ordering from Fuego Diablo is a bit less familiar than the process of visiting a steakhouse. But don’t fear the unfamiliar…embrace it. Once you’ve placed and received your first order, you’ll be amazed at how simple and convenient the process is.




Your Fuego Diablo journey begins when you place your order through our website. For those who have questions, for instance, questions about the best cut of beef to buy or how to prepare the beef give us a call or send us an email. We are your steak Sherpa guides.

Upon placing your order, you will recieve an order confirmation email. If you do not receive this email within an hour, first check your junk or spam folder. If its not there, call us and we'll investigate. We communicate with customers via email, so it's important that you recieve the first one. You can have your order shipped to your home or your place of work. It’s always great if someone is available to receive the order, but this is not a requirement. Drivers will leave the package on your doorstep provided they feel it’s safe to do so. Do you trust your neighbours? The temptation of a Fuego Diablo Steak is great.

Note: If you're sending Diablo as a gift, please let the recipient know to expect a package and to open it right away. Remember, this is a perishable good.

For our shipping schedule and estimated delivery times, click here.





Once your order is placed, your steaks are cut and your order is prepared for shipment.  Your Diablo order will be placed in a reusable Styrofoam cooler, which is inserted into a corrugated shipping box and shipped using dry ice (a solid form of carbon dioxide). This perfectly preserves freshness as the steak makes its way from our distribution center to your home or office. Please note that dry ice sublimes (changes back to a gas) so there may be little or no dry ice upon arrival. This is normal.


** Do not to handle dry ice without gloves as it can cause burns (frost bite) if it comes into direct contact with your skin.**




We provide our customers with numerous shipping options that vary according to speed and cost. Your order will arrive via FedEx or UPS. Typical turn-around time is one to three business days upon leaving our facility. When your product is set to leave our facility, we will send you a shipping confirmation email containing your order’s tracking number so you can track your package online. We ask that you monitor the status of your package to ensure its received and refrigerated in a timely manner. 

 We use enough dry ice for the product to last a minimum of two days beyond the expected arrival date to allow for potential shipping delays.





When your Diablo box arrives, it’s a good idea to open the box right away and transfer the steaks to your fridge or freezer. Upon opening the box you’ll find cardboard boxes—emblazoned with the Fuego Diablo imagery—and your steaks inside, carefully wrapped and vacuum sealed. You’ll also find tips on thawing and preparation.  

 We custom pack each order by hand to ensure that your products are received in optimal condition.  All perishable products ship frozen and will arrive frozen (or in rare cases partially thawed or chilled).




For insights into storing or thawing your steak, for respecting the cut and perfecting your ritual, click here. For frequently asked questions that weren’t covered above, click here. Enlightenment awaits you.



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