Fuego Diablo Serves Steak Lovers with High-End Cuts, Peerless Guarantees


Matthew MacQuarrie
Fuego Diablo

Fuego Diablo Serves Steak Lovers with High-End Cuts, Peerless Guarantees

Fuego Diablo has opened its online shop to steak lovers throughout North America, offering premium cuts of meat that are not available from grocery stores or butchers.

Ottawa, Ontario, July 29, 2014—

For the true steak connoisseur, a fine cut of meat is about more than just the meal; it’s about luxury, elegance, and the best kind of decadence. It is as much a matter of lifestyle as it is sustenance, yet truly high-end, unsurpassed steaks are hard to come by, largely unavailable from local butchers or grocers. A new company, Fuego Diablo, has opened its online shop to provide premium steak products to culinary enthusiasts across North America—and both its menu and its guarantees are largely without peer.

“Our customer is the self-described ‘steak snob’ who views each cut of meat as an experience to savor, and ultimately as an extension of his or her own lifestyle,” comments Fuego Diablo founder Matthew MacQuarrie. “We are working to serve those who are knowledgeable about their steak, picky about them, passionate about them—those who won’t settle for anything less than the best.”

MacQuarrie goes on to note that the steaks offered in the Fuego Diablo Black Label and Gold Label collections are truly exceptional, and largely unavailable elsewhere. Fuego Diablo offers premium cuts of beef that are typically found only in the highest-end steakhouses; they are not available in grocery stores or even from specialty meat shops and butchers.

Just as important is the freezing process. “We use a ‘fresh freeze’ method that ensures the steak retains its unsurpassed quality for up to three years—because we believe a great steak warrants waiting for the perfect occasion,” MacQuarrie says. “Flash freezing is important because there is such a narrow window when a steak is at the perfect age, before it goes beyond the perfect age—and we seek to preserve that perfection. We provide customers with all the information they need about thawing and grilling their steak to perfection. Quality is always the foremost concern, and we know that quality is something that cannot be rushed.”

Fuego Diablo currently boasts a sizable selection of steak products, including several different cuts, ranging from sirloins to ribeyes. Orders can be placed online or via a toll-free order number. The Fuego Diablo call center is staffed by steak professionals whose job is to help customers get exactly the kind of meat they want. Meanwhile, the menu is set to be expanded with additional products down the road.

“We guarantee perfection, because our entire brand is based on the notion of inimitable quality,” MacQuarrie concludes. “Every cut of meat our customers receive will be unrivaled in its quality, and our service will never be anything less than stellar. That’s what Fuego Diablo is all about.”

More information, including a full product menu, can be found at the new Fuego Diablo website, www.fuegodiablo.com.


Fuego Diablo is both a steak company and a lifestyle brand; the company is based on the notion that a truly great steak is a sign of luxury and prestige, and as such the company offers uncompromised quality in all of its steak selections. Fuego Diablo proudly offers steak lovers throughout North America with the premium cuts that can otherwise be found only in the most elegant of steakhouses—cuts not available from local grocers or butchers. The company guarantees the highest quality with every steak, both in terms of the cut and the freezing process. Orders can be placed online or via a toll-free number; more information, including a full menu, is available at www.fuegodiablo.com.

Matthew MacQuarrie
Matthew MacQuarrie


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