Making Steak Great Again

Do you remember when you were a kid, and it seemed like things were just made better? From the cars people drove to the food your mom put on the table for you, it seems like people were more invested in quality back then. It’s not just that things were made better, though: People also took the time to do things right, and then to enjoy them. Even those of us who grew up not having much always appreciated what we had.

That’s certainly true of steak. There was a time when steak was special; it was a food for certain occasions, something families looked forward to, spent ample time preparing and just as much time savoring. They invested in making it special. It was the centerpiece of the table—whether on Sunday evenings or just birthdays and holidays. It brought us together.

Steak isn’t special like that anymore, because it’s become so very easy to get. There are steakhouses and restaurants, grocery stores and markets in every town, providing cheap pieces of meat quickly and conveniently. Even families with very modest incomes can afford to eat steak as often as they like.

Our culture used to be about more quality, but now it’s just about more. Steak is cheaper. It’s more common. It’s not necessarily as good, at least not always. And because it’s neither a special occasion food nor something that bids us to really stop and spend time with it, the steak experience just isn’t the same. We don’t have to invest time into making it special, so of course it’s not going to be special.

Our culture of mass production is all about the sizzle, if you’ll pardon the expression, and not about the steak—and you can be sure that the cut of beef you pay six dollars for at a local diner, or even the strip you spend 20 bucks on at the steakhouse, just won’t live up to the memories you have of your mom putting steak on the family table. But a Diablo will. A Diablo really is something special—peerless beef that’s meant to be indulged occasionally, not every day. It’s a steak for people who want to unplug from their phones, slip out of everyday hustle and bustle, and invest some time into grilling and enjoying a steak, preferably with friends—to invest in making steak something extraordinary.

That’s our mission at Fuego Diablo: To make steak special again, and to make the steak experience truly extraordinary. We take the time to make our steaks the best—to ensure they’re of the highest quality. We invite you to do the same, and to taste what a difference that makes.

Matthew MacQuarrie
Matthew MacQuarrie


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