Eat Healthy—Most of the Time

Given that Fuego Diablo is an online steak store, it might surprise you to learn that we’re very supportive of the Eat Local movement. We’re passionate about the many farmers, ranchers, and other food purveyors who sell their wares at local farmer’s markets and fruit stands, as well as the many health-, environment-, and taste-conscious consumers who purchase from them.

We know many people now try to eat locally whenever possible, and there’s good reason for that. Generally speaking, a diet rich in local produce—as opposed to processed foods or even pesticide-coated fruits and vegetables—is going to be a healthy diet. And we believe you should eat healthy.

Most of the time.

At the same time, though, it’s important to recognize that everyone misbehaves some of the time. We all have our vices. Sometimes, you just don’t want to eat healthy. You want to indulge. And that’s perfectly acceptable: In fact, Fuego Diablo is enthusiastic about nothing so much as the right to have an occasional indulgence.

Here’s the thing about indulgence, though: You’re not going to do it very often, so when you do indulge, you should do it right. You should go all out. That includes your steak indulgences. As we like to say around here, you don’t eat steak everyday—so when you do, why eat an everyday steak?

That’s where eating locally becomes a bit trickier. Is it possible to eat locally while still really indulging—really eating the best steak possible? For a few people who happen to live in close proximity to high-quality beef producers, then maybe. For the vast majority of steak lovers, though, the answer is going to be no. You’re just not going to have a world-class, best-beef-you’ve-ever-eaten experience with something obtained from your friendly neighborhood rancher.

Of course, that’s why Fuego Diablo exists. We believe in offering only the best steak, and in packaging and shipping it to you in such a way that its freshness and flavor are perfectly preserved. We believe in providing you with a product so authentic and so sublime, it might as well be from a local producer, even if it just so happens that you ordered it by phone or over the Internet.

We’re not lying when we say we think you should eat local and eat healthy—most of the time. But allow yourself to indulge. And when you do, indulge right.

Matthew MacQuarrie
Matthew MacQuarrie


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