What Makes for a Legendary Steak Experience?

In the restaurant world, the steakhouse stands as the perfect embodiment of elegance and prestige; of luxury and good taste. What surprises is just how different the world’s finest steakhouses are from one another—how much variety there can be within the steak experience. Consider just a few of the steakhouses that tend to top best-of lists:

  • Since its opening in 2006, Benjamin Steakhouse has consistently been honored as one of the top steakhouses in New York City—and indeed, the entire United States. The steakhouse has won this acclaim by focusing on the fundamentals: USDA prime beef, an extended dry aging process, and perfect grilling technique.
  • Also based in New York but with a much longer legacy to uphold, Keens Steakhouse has been serving amazing steaks since 1885—and its food is still winning it accolades and awards.
  • Wolfgang Puck’s CUT Steakhouse is a bit glitzier, a bit flashier, and much easier to visit—if only because there are now locations in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and elsewhere. The meat-based menu is known for its elegance and its modern flair.
  • The jewel of the Louisville, Kentucky restaurant scene is Z’s Oyster Bar and Steakhouse; despite its dual focus, the place is regarded as having one of the finest steaks anywhere. In fact, its house-aged steaks have become somewhat legendary.

Then again—for all of their differences—these steakhouses do share a few things in common. They all offer prime cuts of beef. They all claim to be, yes, legendary in what they deliver. And they all start with something utterly essential: A consistently excellent steak. Period.

That’s really what makes for a great steak experience. It’s not about the locale or the décor; it’s not about whether oysters are also on offer, or even about the wine selection that’s available. The steak experience is about a truly, transcendently great piece of beef. That’s it.

And that’s why Fuego Diablo is about to compete with the world’s best steakhouses—to offer a steak experience that’s every bit as vital and as legendary as what these other places offer. We don’t offer you a big wine selection, and the ambiance is really up to you. But we can deliver a consistently excellent steak—as good as any you’ve had before—and we can deliver it straight to your front door.

That’s not to discount the experience you might get at any of these legitimately legendary steakhouses; it’s just to say that a Diablo offers you another option—one that’s just as good, and perhaps more convenient. And it’s because we keep the focus on what really matters: Providing a great steak.

Matt MacQuarrie
Matt MacQuarrie


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