Fuego Diablo Brings the Steak and the Sizzle

Already we’ve been flooded with positive reactions from those who have purchased Diablo steaks—but not all of those reactions have been about the meat itself. Several of you have made a point of referencing the exquisite packaging that our steaks ship in, and highlighting our great attention to detail. You’ve noticed that we deliver the steak and the sizzle, so to speak—and we thank you for it!

Since so many have commented on our striking, high-quality packaging, we wanted to take a moment to give credit where credit is due. The Fuego Diablo box was designed by Kevin Fidgen at Stir Creative—and we’re grateful for his outstanding work on our behalf!

Having great packaging is something that matters to us. You might think it’s somewhat of a peripheral issue—beside the point of what we’re doing—but in reality it’s anything but. What we’re trying to offer isn’t just a great steak, but a great steak experience, and that encompasses all aspects of the product. Even the greatest of meals is diminished when it’s served on a garbage can lid, and in much the same way we understand that the steak experience would be compromised if we delivered it to your door in flimsy or lackluster packaging.

Moreover: The Fuego Diablo box is meant to be a conversation piece. As you fire up the grill to prepare your steaks, you might set the box on the table, displaying it for all your family members and dinner guests to see. It immediately grabs their interest, and conveys to them that they’re about to eat something really special and high-quality. This isn’t just some mid-rate steak from the corner market. It comes with an air of sophistication and prestige; it makes a huge impression, serving as the colorful prelude to the main event, which is the steak itself.

That’s why we pay such attention to detail. We don’t want anything to detract from your steak experience. Rather, we want everything—even the box that it comes in—to enhance it.

Matt MacQuarrie
Matt MacQuarrie


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