The Steak Experience Starts with an Extraordinary Ingredient

Your steak experience begins with an ingredient that is, in and of itself, already extraordinary. That’s a liberating thing—and kind of an amazing one, at that.

It’s different from, say, spending the day tending to pulled pork in your slow cooker. A lot of the time, when you’re working with pork, you’re working with parts of the animal that are less than first-rate. Your job is to take those ordinary ingredients and to make them magical—using whatever rubs, sauces, and cooking techniques you need to make that happen.

It’s a lot of work, and we have nothing but admiration for the folks who pull it off. Sometimes, though, what you want is an ingredient that’s great on its own—an ingredient that’s simple, and that doesn’t need much of anything done to it to make it special.

Steak fits that bill, at least the exemplary ones we offer here at Fuego Diablo. Of course, there are some complex sourcing and breeding processes involved here, to ensure that the beef is optimal. Those aren’t really things you have to worry about, though. They’re done for you, and by the time you get your Diablo in the mail, you have an ingredient that is as extraordinary as it is simple.

You don’t have to add to it. You don’t have to make it extraordinary. It already is that. Frankly, your job is just not to ruin it. Your job is not to get in the way.

That’s why we tell people to season their steak with nothing more than salt and pepper. Maybe a little garlic. It’s why we recommend that people avoid doing too much poking and prodding while the steak’s on the grill. Let the grill do the work, and let the steak shine.

A great steak experience is really pretty simple—and sometimes, simple is exactly what you want.

Matt MacQuarrie
Matt MacQuarrie


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