How Do You Want to Indulge?

When you work hard for your success, you deserve the opportunity to indulge—and to do so in whatever manner and according to whatever time table you see fit.

Fuego Diablo provides you with the opportunity to do exactly that. We’ve heard from a number of our customers who have shared with us their preferred manner of indulgence, and what we’ve learned is this: There’s no right or wrong way to enjoy a Diablo.

When you order your steaks, you’re going to get a pack of them; many of our customers get a couple of boxes at once, and a single box will come with multiple steaks in it. What all of this means is that you’ll end up not just with a steak or two, but with four, six, eight, or even ten Diablos—just depending on what you choose to purchase—all ready to be moved into your freezer then taken out and thawed whenever the urge to indulge strikes you.

And that decision is entirely yours. Maybe you want to fire up the grill as soon as your Diablos arrive, perhaps even inviting some friends over to grill up all of your Diablos at once. Then again, we know that many of you prefer to serve your Diablos at cozy, intimate dinners for two. You can enjoy a couple of our striploins or even share a Porterhouse; you can save the rest of your Diablos for the next special occasion; you can put them on hold for the next date night, anniversary, or birthday; or you can simply decide to splurge and enjoy them the following evening.

There is no wrong way to do it. Diablos offer incredible flexibility and no small amount of choice. Whether you want to indulge now or savor them for months at a time—whether you plan a big event for your Diablos or you enjoy them casually and spontaneously—the choice is ultimately yours.

Matt MacQuarrie
Matt MacQuarrie


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