We’re Always Stepping Up at Fuego Diablo

One of the great things about becoming a steak snob is that there’s always room for upward momentum. There’s always another great steak to try, always a new way to expand your palette and refine your taste. There’s always a way to step up.

And at Fuego Diablo, stepping up is what we’re all about. Consider this: The steaks in our Gold Label are chosen because they’re a step up from any steak you’ll find at your grocery store, or even at your finest local steakhouse. Many customers tell us that these are the best steaks they’ve ever had. If you’re new to the world of steak or simply to Fuego Diablo, a Gold Label selection is sure to be a big leap forward from any steak you’ve ever experienced before.

And you can step up from there, too, by moving onto our Black Label. Yes, believe it or not, these steaks are even better—a step up from USDA Choice beef to USDA Prime. Our founder guarantees that your Black Label steak will be the best steak you ever have in your life.

But still there is room to step up. The Diablo Reserva offers opportunities to enjoy limited quantities of the rarest, finest, most delicious steaks in the world—steaks you’ll never forget.

We’re stepping up further still, though, with some exciting new additions to the Fuego Diablo collection. In late January we plan to make American and Japanese Wagyu both available. This is by any objective measure the most indulgent, luxuriously delicious beef in the entire world. Try it and for the rest of your life you’ll be recounting the story of that first, miraculous bite.

You don’t have to start there, of course. Maybe it’s best if your first Diablo order is for something from the Gold Label. Just know that there will always be another amazing steak experience out there—another level of excellence, and another chance for you to step up your steak game.

Matt MacQuarrie
Matt MacQuarrie


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