Who Cares if It’s Fatty? Steak is an Indulgence.

Fuego Diablo receives questions every day from carnivores—and budding carnoisseurs—who want to know which steak is best for them. Maybe they’re looking for the most tender cut of beef, or they’re in search of a nice, big cut that they could grill for a cozy dinner for two. We happily make recommendations depending on what the mood and the eater’s personal preferences dictate.

One question we receive from time to time is this: Which cut of beef is the leanest? Variants on this question include inquiries about which steak has the lowest fat; is the healthiest; would be best for people watching their weight or their blood pressure; comes from grass-fed cows only; and so on.

Our answer is this—and forgive us for being blunt: If your main concern is eating healthy, you’ve called the wrong people. Go order a salad instead. Steak clearly isn’t what you need at this moment in time.

Steak is an Indulgence

If this sounds harsh, it’s only because it’s a topic that’s important to us, and in fact it’s close to the heart of what we do. Our belief at Fuego Diablo is that steak is an indulgence—not unlike a glass of wine, a good cigar, or a decadent piece of chocolate cake. Why scrimp on the good stuff? That’s contrary to what steak stands for, what a truly great piece of beef represents.

And yes: Steak truly does have powerful symbolic qualities. When you’re spending top dollar on a truly excellent piece of beef, one that’s so good you couldn’t even get it from a local butcher—in other words, a Diablo—it symbolizes decadence and luxury; like a really high-end bottle of wine, a Diablo brands your lifestyle as one of success.

Don’t Bother with Everyday Steaks

Simply put: We provide steaks for those who love and appreciate great cuts of beef; people who obsess over steak the way a coffee snob would obsess over his coffee. What we’re offering to our customer base is indulgence, plain and simple, and we have no intention of compromising anything in pursuit of that.

The bottom line: Steak isn’t something you eat every day—so when you do, why would you want to eat an everyday steak?

Matthew MacQuarrie
Matthew MacQuarrie


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