Our Culture of Consistency

At Fuego Diablo, the guarantee we make to our customers is fairly straightforward: We promise an amazing steak every time. That’s it. What might seem simple at first blush actually has a couple of layers to it, though—a couple of components that are equally essential to what we do.

First, there is quality. The steak we deliver is amazing, better than what you’d get even from your favorite steakhouse, certainly better than what you’d get from your local grocer or butcher. The second half of the equation is just as important, though: We promise an amazing steak every time. We promise consistency.

Standing for Something

In that way, buying a Diablo is sort of like buying a BMW. The brand itself stands for something. You get what you pay for, and when you pay for a BMW you know what you’re getting well in advance. You likely don’t need the BMW salesman to explain to you the ways in which the car is excellent. You already know it’s excellent, because it’s a BMW.

Similarly, we could list some of the ways in which we ensure consistency and quality. We could tell you about the meticulous aging and packaging processes we insist upon, for each and every steak we sell. We could tell you about how we get our beef from only the top producers in the United States and in Canada. We could outline our entire quality control process.

Amazing Every Time

What really matters, in the end, though, is that consistency is part of our ethos. It’s part of what we stand for at Fuego Diablo. We understand that promising only the best steaks becomes meaningless if we don’t deliver on that promise every single time; we know that, when you receive a box bearing our logo, it means something. You have some sense of the sensational experience you’re in for—and we won’t tolerate disappointing you in that regard.

Consistency isn’t just a buzzword. It’s our culture. And it’s our guarantee.

Matthew MacQuarrie
Matthew MacQuarrie


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