Steak is Social

We’re not here to tell you how best to enjoy your premium Diablo steak, but we will offer one recommendation: Don’t do it alone. Tempting though it may be to keep every bite of beef to yourself, we believe very strongly that a great steak is the centerpiece of a broader, grander social experience; not something to nibble on in your own solitary corner, but something to put on display for your friends and family to see, and to invite them to share in the extravagance.

That’s the way steak used to be, anyway. Many of us remember what it was like growing up, when steak was a rarity, something brought to the table for a special occasion. That specialness has been diluted by the fact that mediocre steakhouses are now a dime a dozen, and every grocery store will offer some kind of low-quality, budget-priced slab of beef for you to take home. You can have a steak pretty much anytime you want to, these days, and as a result, steak has lost its luster as a true social event.

The Center of Your Table

At Fuego Diablo, one of our most fervent desires is to change that—to put steak back at the center of the table. It’s what our steaks cry out for, because, unlike the forgettable beef we mentioned above, Diablo steaks are actually special. They deserve to be highlighted as central to your social gathering.

What we want, in other words, is for our customers to call their family and friends and invite them over for a fancy, elegant, and decadent meal. We’re preparing steak for dinner, you might say, and no further qualifiers or descriptors are needed. Nobody needs to know or to care what side dishes will be on offer, what’s for dessert, what other activities might be planned. The main attraction is the steak; everything else is secondary at best.

Socializing in Steak Culture

In some ways, this returns us to our comparison of “steak snob” culture to coffee snob culture, or to fine wines, or to cigars. None of these are extravagances that you enjoy solo; they’re things you savor with friends, sitting on the porch and talking while you smoke your cigars, swirling wine in your mouth and discussing with friends how it tastes, how it compares to your favorite labels. Steak can be that too—and when you’re talking about something as fine as a Diablo, it really should be. It should be something you all explore together.

Something else we’ve mentioned is steak as a sign of prestige, as something with deep symbolic qualities. That extends to steak’s role as the centerpiece of your social gathering. When you have a Fuego Diablo box on the table, it says something about you. It says you like to indulge, and to invite others to indulge with you; that you want to be a good host, and that you do what it takes to show your guests a good time.

None of that is achievable if you eat your steak in solitude. Eating a steak dinner by yourself isn’t exactly unpleasant, we grant—but with a steak this fine, the rewards are multiplied when you have more people at the table with you.

Matthew MacQuarrie
Matthew MacQuarrie


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