The Ultimate Steak Experience is Now at Home

We won’t lie to you: There’s more than one way to enjoy a steak. Obviously, we’d recommend ordering a Diablo, but you could just as surely pick up a steak at your local grocery store or butcher shop—with the caveat that these steaks simply won’t be as good. Further, you can always go out to a nice steakhouse in town, which for years now has been the preferred way of savoring the steak experience.

It may be the preferred way—but is it actually the best way? Looking at it through the lens of price and convenience, there’s something to be said for ordering a Diablo and grilling at home. That’s not to say that we’re trying to put steakhouses out of business, or that we never have the urge to go out for a night on the town ourselves. There are some specific benefits that come from grilling at home, however, that make the Diablo the ultimate steak experience.

Quality and Convenience

Let’s start with the obvious category: The quality of the beef. You’re not going to get a Diablo-quality steak at your local grocery store, and nearly all restaurants will similarly come up short. Even if you go to the very best, most extravagant steakhouse in town, it’s unlikely that what you eat will be better than a Diablo; only cities like New York and Toronto will even offer something close. There’s just not going to be a big gap between what a chef does and what a skilled amateur griller does; so long as you cook at the right temperature and season properly, there’s little else that you need to worry about.

Then there is the matter of convenience. Getting all dolled up to go out on the town can be fun, but it can frankly be wearying, as well. Think of all you have to do: Make a reservation. Make it to the restaurant on time. Arrange a babysitter in advance, and get the kids fed before you go. Drive. Park. Get seated.

When you order a Diablo online, that’s essentially like making your reservation—though odds are, you’re going to be getting enough beef to get three or four experiences out of it. Then you grill it. Beyond that, the process is more seamless, less complicated in every way—and sometimes, less complicated is exactly what you want.

What About Price?

The other factor to consider is cost. You might assume that a Diablo is going to be more expensive than dining out at a high-end steakhouse, but that’s not the case at all. Remember that a steakhouse will have to inflate the price of its steak to cover its own overhead. You’ll have to leave a 15 percent gratuity. You’ll have to pay $45 for what is likely just a $15 bottle of wine. In Canada, you’ll have to pay taxes on your restaurant meal, though beef you order for home is tax-free (!!!). A Diablo is going to be better than your restaurant steak, but likely less expensive, as well—and how often does life work out that way?

You’ve tried the steakhouse experience; now all that’s left is for you to try a Diablo, and see what you’ve been missing.

Matthew MacQuarrie
Matthew MacQuarrie


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