You Don’t Need a Holiday to Make Grilling Special

Think on this for a moment: What are some of the most treasured grilling memories of your life? Everyone will have different answers to this, of course, but there will likely be some common threads, uniting people’s experiences. Many will associate their favorite grilling experiences with family reunions, or holiday get-togethers. In fact, you may think of grilling as something closely associated with a specific day of the year—a favorite holiday on which your family has always had the tradition of preparing steaks and ribs.

It may not even be a day. It may be a season. There are many who look forward to, say, the first day of spring, the last weekend in May, or simply the first sing of warm weather, as this ushers them into the true beginning of Grilling Season. Others may love grilling in chillier climates, and may think of autumn as the optimal time to grill.

Whatever boat you’re in, it’s probably fair to say that most of us associate grilling with different times of the year or seasons in our life. These events make grilling special, and at the same time, grilling lends them a sort of specialness. Your family’s Christmas Eve get-together, for instance, may be special in its own right, made all the more so by your longstanding tradition of grilling steaks for the occasion.

That’s one of the great things about grill culture, how it lets you underscore and enhance the specialness of different events: Any family dinner can be made just a little more memorable when you spend a little time grilling beforehand, then gathering around the table together for a juicy steak.

Crucially, though, steak doesn’t actually need a holiday or even a festive time of year for it to be special. Steak just is special, or at least it can be—when you do it right. Ordering a Diablo is that way. Planning your meal in advance, placing your order, then seeing the Diablo box arrive at your home. Firing up the grill. Exploring different cuts of beef and flavor profiles together.

A steak can make your dinner special—whether it’s Christmas Eve, the kickoff of grilling season, or just another Tuesday evening. And a Diablo is all but guaranteed to make your dinner special—to make it a story, a memory. Specialness is intrinsic to Fuego Diablo, so each meal with a Diablo at its center is an experience you’ll savor.

Matthew MacQuarrie
Matthew MacQuarrie


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