Welcome to Diablo Nation

Over the past several weeks we’ve heard from Canadians spanning coast to coast—folks who have ordered our products, tried them, and loved them. We’re thankful for the great feedback, and are especially pleased by those who have written to tell us how much they’ve learned about steak culture from Fuego Diablo.

As it happens, we’ve learned a few things ourselves—most significantly about the broad desire for great steak that’s out there.

What we’ve learned is that not all of our clients have flashy jobs or million dollar homes. Not all of our clients are “foodies,” per se, and many have little previous experience with great steaks like ours.

What we’ve learned is that a great steak experience has enormous appeal that transcends the boundaries of income and demographics. Simply put, there aren’t very many people—vegans and vegetarians aside, maybe—who aren’t interested in the idea of a really extraordinary piece of beef.

This has turned out to be an amazingly egalitarian, democratic undertaking; we’ve seen people from all walks of life come together to form what we’ll call Diablo Nation.

The folks who’ve bought our steaks have done so purely for the love of steak. They’ve done so because they know that we can deliver a steak experience that exceeds anything you’ll find in a steakhouse, very likely at a comparable price and without the need to hire a babysitter, tip the valet, call ahead for reservations, or anything else.

So if you’ve resisted buying a Diablo because you don’t see yourself as That Kind of Person, let us offer you this: A great steak experience is universal. It’s for all kinds of people. And that includes you.

There’s nothing to stop you from entering Diablo Nation. We’ll be happy to have you.

Matt MacQuarrie
Matt MacQuarrie


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