It’s Your Ritual

If you follow Fuego Diablo on Facebook or Twitter, you know that we’re not impervious to a little snobbery. In fact, one of our very first Diablo blog posts dealt with the concept of “steak snob culture”—a culture to which we unashamedly belong.

But we want to be clear about something: We’re snobby about one thing, and one thing only—and that’s the quality of the beef itself.

We go to great lengths to procure only the best cuts of beef, from the best breeders. We are working right now to introduce a line of authentic Japanese Wagyu (Kobe) beef—by any measure the rarest and most premium beef in the entire world. That’s just one example of our restlessness, our snobbiness if you prefer.

We insist on excellence, and are snooty about inferior beef. That’s what’s important to us. But as for all the other stuff—all the side issues related to grilling? We’re happy to encourage whatever ritual you’ve developed for yourself, and to affirm your own tastes and preferences.

You may like your steak rare or medium well. You may like to grill on gas or on charcoal. You may prefer the Porterhouse or the Striploin. Your grilling ritual may involve drinking beer, watching football, talking with your spouse, or something else altogether. And all of that’s great, because it’s your ritual.

There is no threshold for entry here, beyond a desire for the very best steak, the very finest ingredient. That’s the one thing we’re snobby about. Everything else is just personal preference. Everything else is just part of the ritual—and we want your ritual to be exactly that: Something that’s personal and meaningful to you.


Matt MacQuarrie
Matt MacQuarrie


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