Not Your Guilty Pleasure

Diablo steaks are extravagant. They’re big, bold, beefy, highly marbled. They’re decadent. They’re meant to be indulged. And they’re better than anything you’ll get from your local supermarket, or even your favorite steakhouse.

We are unapologetic about all of that.

And that’s why we refuse to refer to Diablos as “guilty pleasures.” In fact, we would encourage you to be similarly unapologetic, similarly uncompromising about the things that you love. If Diablos give you pleasure, why feel guilty about it? Why dilute your enjoyment with feelings of trepidation?

Of course, you hear people talk about their guilty pleasures all the time, not just in the context of steak. For some people, guilty pleasures come in the form of cigars, cocktails, coffee, or sweets. For others, a true guilty pleasure might be to binge-watch a TV show or to buy an expensive new set of golf clubs.

But here’s our take on the guilty pleasure: Diablos are for people who work hard and earn the right to enjoy themselves. Diablos aren’t meant to be eaten every day. They’re for special occasions, romantic evenings, or days when you just want to reward yourself for how hard you’ve hustled.

So if you’re eating a Diablo, you’re not doing something you shouldn’t be doing. You’re doing something you’ve earned every right to do. You’re doing something you worked for.

We are unapologetic about providing superior steaks. We hope you’ll be unapologetic about eating them. There’s no need to hide your Diablo habit.

Savor it. Don’t feel like you need to be guilty or ashamed over it. Just take your hard-earned pleasure for what it is—with no apologies necessary.

Matt MacQuarrie
Matt MacQuarrie


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