Get Fired Up for Spring

For many of us, it seemed like this winter would never end—that the spring grilling season was nothing more than a cruel mirage. But snow is melting, ice is thawing, and the sun will start shining sooner or later—ushering in the glorious beginning of this year’s prime grilling time.

 Are you prepared? If not, you might want to get that way now—ensuring that, the second grilling season begins in earnest, you’re ready to take full advantage of it. A few considerations:

 Put safety first. This one is especially for those who use gas grills. Check the hose that connects to your grill and make sure it’s still snug. If there’s grime or dirt caked on to your hose or to its connection, spend some time cleaning it off.

  • Clean your grill. You want to taste this season’s juicy steaks, not the remains of last year’s. Use a wire brush and a damp cloth to wipe your grill grates clean.
  • Clean out your grease trap. This is sort of gross, but necessary. Here’s a pro tip: Line it with aluminum foil to make next year’s clean-out a lot easier and a lot less messy.
  • Use some steel wool to clean out the interior of the grill, especially around the burner.
  • Stock up on charcoal, propane, or whatever fuel and supplies you happen to need. While you’re at it, stock up on Diablo steaks; put ‘em in the freezer and wait for thawing-out weather or a special occasion. Ensure that your pantry is well stocked with salt, pepper, olive oil, and your favourite rubs, as well.
  • Give your grill a test run—just fire it up and make sure it’s working correctly—before you actually throw any meat on it.

 It would probably be overkill for us to say that the preparation is half the fun, but at the very least it should fill you with enthusiasm: Grilling season really is coming, and will be here before you know it.

Lynne Poirier
Lynne Poirier


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