Steak & Cigars: Icons of Indulgence

As we’ve gotten to know our regular Diablo customers, a few things have stood out to us. One of them is that a lot of you are passionate about cigars; you select and enjoy them with the same care, enthusiasm, and unapologetic pleasure you bring to our steaks.

This may be surprising to some of you, but it really wasn’t so surprising to us. For us, cigars and steak occupy the same basic category. Both of them are icons of indulgence; both of them are earned pleasure. They’re for people who work hard in order to enjoy the finer things in life, and who invest in indulgences that they will really love.

For some, this may be a new way to think about steak. After all, steak is something you can get in the meat section of your local grocery store, and not have to pay all that much for it. It’s something you can find at greasy spoon diners and even at fast food joints. For some, it’s something that’s on the menu every week.

But with steak—as with cigars—there are different tiers of quality. You probably have some cheap cigars that you might kick back with after a stressful day at work, and then much nicer ones that you save to enjoy after a fancy dinner party, or to celebrate a momentous occurrence in your life.

Steak is the same way. Yes, there are some cheap steaks you can get at the supermarket. Frankly, you get what you pay for. We’re not looking down on you for enjoying these steaks from time to time, but they’re definitely everyday steaks.

And then there are the steaks that are truly indulgent—far too special and too refined to be enjoyed every day, but ideal for those hard-earned moments of pleasure; like good cigars, these steaks are made for rarified moments—and of course, these are exactly the steaks we specialize in here at Fuego Diablo.

As we like to say, you don’t really indulge every day—so when you do, why indulge with an everyday steak?

Lynne Poirier
Lynne Poirier


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