The Anatomy of Date Night

Are date nights with your spouse as effortless, as carefree, as unabashedly romantic as something out of a paperback novel or a schmaltzy rom-com? Maybe. But if you’re in your 30s or 40s, you’re married, and you have a steady job and a couple of kids, well frankly, the odds are stacked against you.

Where does date night begin? Seldom is it as spontaneous as it might have been back when you were 25. You’ve got to start planning days, if not weeks in advance. You’ve got to call the sitter. You’ve got to make a reservation at a nice restaurant. You’ve got to put Date Night on your calendar with a big red circle around it. Romantic, huh?

Then the big day comes, and it’s fraught with plenty of its own minor hassles. There’s getting the kids fed. There’s getting them corralled and into bed, or at least into some semblance of good, mild-mannered behavior. There’s making sure the babysitter has everything she needs—and oh yeah, somewhere in there, you’ve also got to get yourself ready, presentable, and as much in the mood as you can get.  From there you’ve got to make the drive to the restaurant, park, and order—but let’s be honest, by this point, you’re already a little frazzled and a little tired. You work hard at your day job, and on top of that you’ve had to make yourself look nice while also making sure junior doesn’t destroy the house before the babysitter arrives. And all of it’s in service of a night you’ve been very methodically plotting for some time now, to the point where the romance of it may be a little faded.

And there will be some nights when you just don’t feel it. You may go through all the preparations for Date Night, only to find that you’re then too exhausted to really enjoy it.

But don’t worry. Fuego Diablo is here for you. We’re happy to provide a way for you to enjoy a truly special, extraordinary evening, with maybe a tenth of the planning traditional “Date Nights” entail.

It’s easy: order some Diablo steak, put it in the freezer, and then it’s available and in the mood for romance whenever you are. (You would have ordered steak at the restaurant anyway.) Maybe some evening not so far in the future you’ll be struck by the urge to have a low-key, intimate, and truly spontaneous Date Night (often the best kind)—something where you and your partner can stay home but still enjoy a truly remarkable time together. No cabs, no sitter, no tipping: just you, your favourite tunes playing in the background, and a fabulously indulgent dinner. You may even want to kiss the cook.

Fuego Diablo will make it possible.

Lynne Poirier
Lynne Poirier


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