Are You a Foodie—or a Carnoisseur?

Maybe you’ll agree with us that the word foodie has somewhat lost its meaning. Originally, the term was meant to denote those folks who went out of their way to seek out new culinary experiences—boutique restaurants, local cuisine, hole-in-the-wall establishments that served up truly remarkable meals.

For some, it might still mean that; for others, the term has come to take on a slightly more pretentious connotation. In some circles, foodies are regarded as hipsters or snobs—not people who are open-minded about food, but people who are judgmental about it.

We’re not here to take sides. We know that some of our customers would consider themselves to be foodies, while others absolutely despise the term. But both camps are welcome at Fuego Diablo. We want to offer a sanctuary, a big tent for anyone and everyone who cares about great flavor and truly indulgent dishes—regardless of how you want to label yourself.

In other words, we want to provide a safe place for the carnoisseur.

A carnoisseur may or may not also be a foodie. More importantly, though, a carnoisseur is someone who loves timeless tastes and indulgences that never go out of style. The culinary world is very much subject to whims and trends, but steak is something that has always been in favor, and has always appeared on the menus at elegant restaurants the world over.

And, a carnoisseur likes to try new things, and is always interested in stepping up to better and better flavors. Our customers certainly fit that description. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a foodie, you are reading a blog about steak right now, and perhaps you’ve gone to the effort of ordering one of our steaks online and having it shipped to you on a bed of dry ice.

You may not be a “foodie,” then, but you obviously are passionate about food—and as such, we welcome you to Diablo Nation.



Lynne Poirier
Lynne Poirier


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