Top 4 Manly Activities to Work up An Appetite (for a Fantastic Steak)

At Fuego Diablo, we encourage you to be unapologetically true to yourself.  If you are reading this, you are probably that person with the super work ethic, the one who feels that you don’t get great things or achieve great things in life without putting in great effort. We respect that.

You probably also believe that Diablo steaks are too much of an indulgence for an everyday meal.  After all, this isn’t just any steak - we are convinced it will be the best steak you’ve ever experienced.  So for those guys who feel the need to earn that fantastic steak, we decided to give some thought to ways a man could work up an appetite to feel worthy of a Diablo. We consulted some of our team members and came up with what we considered the best manly activities to get you there.

Splitting wood

It was Henry Ford who said “Chop your own wood and it will warm you twice”. Indeed, splitting wood provides a means to warm your house, and is not just an arm workout. It can have you burning between 400 and 500 calories an hour, and is a fantastically rugged cardio and core workout. Expert wood splitters say that if you bring the ax or maul down the center line of your body, then back up the same line, it activates the same muscles as a crunch does.


It was once said that “Hand-propelled watercraft still allow us to pursue the elemental quest for tranquility, beauty, peace, freedom and cleanness. It is good to be conveyed quietly, gracefully, to natural rhythms….”[i] That’s undeniably true, and it’s also a great way to get a fantastic natural workout in the great outdoors. For a lesson in paddling basics, check out:

Dirt Biking

There is a massive cult following for all things related to dirt bikes. It does not mean that all these men and women want to compete with teenagers on the motocross world stage. It is clear however, that they are (re)claiming their youth and love of the outdoors and embracing a devil-may-care attitude in at least one part of their lives: the weekend.

Fuego Diablo’s founder, seen here enjoying his weekend pass from seriousness, is certainly burning some youthful energy and working up a crazy manly appetite.

Build Something

If you have a hammer, swing it. If you have a tractor, ride it. Men look and feel manly building things, excavating things, fixing things, hauling things. Build a deck, fix a shelf, dig a hole, set up your veggie garden and haul away the extra dirt somewhere. Building activities are a tremendous workout and let’s face it: it’s unbeatably rewarding to see the results of your efforts. Your buds will give you cool nicknames like Kubota. Your honey will smile wider too.

Whatever your way of earning it, we respect it. Enjoy that awesome Diablo steak.


[i] Kirk Wipper, in Stories From The Bow Seat: The Wisdom And Waggery Of Canoe Tripping by Don Standfield and Liz Lundell, p. 15

Lynne Poirier
Lynne Poirier


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