Spoiler Alert: Women Love Steak Too

I’m a meat lover. To those who know me, this comes as no surprise. In fact, I’m a bit of a meat-loving legend in some circles. Being part of a cool online steak company was merely a happy coincidence. Since my childhood in Atlantic Canada, I have enjoyed beef on a pretty regular basis. As an adult, I have discovered that I physically crave red meat at times, and that enjoying a juicy steak or a delicious roast can make me very happy.

Steak's Gender Bias

Why is that noteworthy? Well, you see, I am a woman. I am a bit of an oddity in my circle of friends, where I am often sitting next to vegetarians or women who always order the chicken or fish. Unlike a lot of women I know, I almost always want the beef entrée at the restaurant. I have been known to become giddy when the server at the Italian restaurant arrives with my side order of meat balls. (I kid you not.)

I also notice a meat gender bias when I am out for dinner with my spouse, where it is not rare (no pun intended) for him to be served my ribeye, as the servers seem to get flustered with the idea of bringing the man at the table the endive salad.  Crazy, huh? Truth be told, it is still relatively common for women to eat before going on a dinner date and order something light such as salad, so as to come across as feminine and lady-like. Or some deprive themselves of red meat in pursuit of the ever elusive perfect weight.

Thankfully, the current North American culture has evolved to become more accepting of women eating red meat in the dating context (gasp!). In fact, according to some articles, many men are reportedly more attracted to a woman who orders a steak at dinner (instead of a salad), presuming that she is comfortable and confident enough (it is 2015, after all) to eat what she enjoys, and is therefore a “lower maintenance”, more easy-going type of person.

I guess it is good news that men like to see a woman enjoying a juicy steak. What is more important is that more and more women are eating whatever the heck they feel like. Isn’t that attractive in and of itself? Order that 12 inch meat fantasy pizza on your second date. He may actually think that it’s awesome if you do. And you may enjoy yourself more regardless (!).

Eating Whatever the Heck You Want Because it is Healthy and Delicious

Team Fuego Diablo doesn’t advocate eating beef simply for your appeal to the opposite sex. If that works for you - sure, do it. But frankly, we believe everyone should be eating to satisfy their own needs.

You can eat steak for your health. We are in favour of the 80/20 rule that a good friend of ours (who happens to be a well-respected holistic nutritionist) promotes to her clientele.  Eighty percent of the time, eat healthy. Twenty percent of the time, indulge a bit.  Where does beef fall in this formula? Well, beef provides a healthy dose of iron. According to Health Canada, a healthy man over the age of 19 and women over 51 should have 8 mg of iron in their daily diet, while a healthy woman between 19 and 50 should have 18 mg daily. Pregnant women should aim for a whopping 27 mg of iron in their daily diet (Source: Health Canada, Dietary Reference Intakes).  Other folks, such as vegetarians, endurance athletes, and people living with certain illnesses may need even more.

Steak can also be a delicious part of a special meal, so it can easily meet your need for pleasure and indulgence as well. In my humble opinion, deliciously grilled Diablo Steak is way more appealing than an iron supplement.

The bottom line is that steak can be a healthy part of a woman's diet - so she can maybe skip those iron supplements. And for those women who are true to themselves and are self-declared meat lovers, let's all say it out loud: Women Love Their Steak Too.  

Lynne Poirier
Lynne Poirier


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