Diablo Steaks - The Ultimate Father's Day Gift

Read about Fuego Diablo Steaks in this detailed review by Glimpse Reviews.

"These steaks are AMAZING. (Yes, even though they were a Father’s Day specialty, I did have enjoy some of the steak myself as well.). The steak had a wonderful balance of beefy flavor and they were very tender. [...] Black Label Diablo are selected from the finest stock, are meticulously aged and are hand carved. There is plenty of marbling in these steaks and they are definitely an amazing cut of steak that we thoroughly enjoyed.

The steaks from Fuego Diablo were bursting with flavor and were definitely unlike any of the other steaks that we’ve had recently – in other words, they were “a cut above!” Dad loved the steaks – especially since he’s a “steak and potatoes kinda Dad” and it was a unique, practical and scrumptious gift to give to Dad this Father’s Day."


Lynne Poirier
Lynne Poirier


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